Thursday, 17 March 2011

A school full of goods...

Yesterday, Lily and I packed up our kids and went down to the schoolhouse to work on the table layout for market day.  If you haven't heard already, we have a full house!  And we couldn't be more thrilled.  The school is such a pretty building and we left feeling even more excited about it.  We're really looking forward to seeing it filled up with all the talented vendors with all sorts of people milling about.  Here is a sneak peek into the school, if you haven't seen it already...

The Clayburn Company set up shop here in 1905, to take advantage of the high grade clay and turn it into bricks.  To support it's employees, the company built this quaint, little "company" town and some of the  historical buildings still stand today, including several homes, a store, a church and of course, the school house. 

We hope that visitors to the market will also take time to enjoy the village and maybe even stop in at the Clayburn store for some good ol' fashioned candy or tea if they prefer.

If you are signed up to join us as a vendor, please be sure to complete your application  and  payment to secure your spot in the market by April 1st.

Rachel + Lily


Monica said...

Wow, this is such a beautiful space! Looking forward to the event! I was too late to have a table, but I'm going to come to shop! :)

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