Thursday, 26 May 2011

To Market We Go!

It's hard to believe that market day has finally arrived! Planning on making the trip to Abbotsford but not quite sure what to bring? We put together a list of local businesses and market must-haves to make your day extra special! Click here for directions to the schoolhouse. See you Saturday!
Illustration by Dionne Christiansen

What to Bring:
Reusable Tote Bag(s)
Cash (most vendors will be cash only)
Comfortable Shoes
A Truck (if you're looking for furniture!)
Friends (they make everything better!)

Where to Eat:

More Shopping:

Other Local Attractions :
(*Hint-one of our favourite junk barns is on this list...but don't tell anyone!)

Where to Send Your Husband:


Poot and Boogie said...

I am sewing frantically!

Anonymous said...

Shhhh... about the barn! The best secret place.
: )

The Old School Market said...

We hear you La La...good thing they replenish daily! Not to mention, we see something new every visit :)

The Old School Market said...

One more visitors may want to bring an umbrella and avoid coming at lunch hour as there's a wedding at the village church across the street at noon!

Vintage Home said...

Oh my I am soon...That was amazing! Would love to get together to house?????

The Old School Market said...

We're exhausted too! Would love to get together soon...we're still processing how incredibly busy yesterday was, phewf!

Poot and Boogie said...

Just wanted to say Thanks again for hosting such an awesome show! The decor was lovely, and the PEOPLE! wow the PEOPLE both vendors and customers! Go Ladies Go! You did a fantastic job, I hope you set up another show, I want IN!!!!!

Poppy said...

This show was by far the most well organized & beautifully crafted event I have ever done....and I have done hundreds! You ladies really set the bar high and took such great care in every detail. It was so nice to be a part if an event that was clearly a labour of love and not just a quick set up to make some extra cash. You have a beautiful little community there in Abbotsford and I will definitely be heading in that direction more often!

Rachel from Birch + Bird said...

Thank you so much, Deanna! Your dolls are amazing and we'd love to have you back to the next market. We'll keep in touch.

Rachel from Birch + Bird said...

Coming from an experienced vendor, your comments mean so much to us. Thank you, it's so good to hear. We are so glad that you had faith and came out to show off your lovely creations.

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