Thursday, 2 June 2011

Market Day Photos

What a week! We've been enjoying the afterglow of last Saturday's events for days and couldn't be happier with the success of our first vintage and handmade market! For all of you wonderful customers who made the journey to Clayburn Village (some from as far as Calgary, Merritt and the Island!), thank you ever so much for your support and kind words. We are truly overwhelmed by how many visitors we had at the schoolhouse and by all of the positive feedback that we continue to receive about The Old School Market. Our lovely vendors really pulled out all of the stops when planning out their gorgeous displays. 

Jayme Lang of Jayme Anne Photography managed to weave through the crowds and capture several photos of most of the booths...if you don't see yours, it's probably because they were surrounded by happy customers! Stay tuned...we'll be adding more photos over the next couple of days.

Aren't they beautiful? Everyone took so much care in their displays and we absolutely love the vintage touches mixed in throughout. And everybody loves free samples, especially marshmallows...thanks Tina!

Pretty, right? We were so thrilled by how varied each display was and loved watching customers' eyes light up when they found that special something to take home with them. If only we'd had more time to shop!

Customers were so friendly and excited to join the throngs in the schoolhouse. They braved rain, tricky village parking and a few brave mamas even maneuvered strollers with toddlers in tow! We were happy to recognize more than a few ladies who spent several hours browsing to their hearts content.

From buttons and linens to tutus and dolls, from clothing and jewelry to vintage home decor and curiosities, there was so much to see and most customers did at least 2 rounds of the room to be sure they didn't miss a thing. Sad that you missed out? Be sure to check out the links of all of our vendors on the left.
All photos courtesy of Jayme Anne Photography

Lots to look at but hopefully this gives you at least a taste of what our day at the schoolhouse was like. Missed out this time 'round? Don't fret...due to popular demand, we've already set our planning wheels in motion for the second edition of The Old School Market! More details to come...

Lily + Rachel


Tara said...

My husband and I stumbled across your market completely by chance while driving past. We've just moved here from Australia so it was lovely to see some of the great talent Canada has to offer.

Dionne said...

So charming, and what gorgeous displays!!!!

Vintage Home said...

Jayme..Great photos!....It was fun being next to Jayme's booth......we could have sold her amazing stool, so many people loved it...Just like her amazing photography!...Wonderful JOB!

The Old School Market said...

That's great glad you happened upon us! Stay tuned for future markets :)
Thanks Dionne...wish you lived closer!

Beth said...

Looks like a wonderful market!

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